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2016 Valentine’s Dinner

20th Annual Valentine’s Dinner Come and enjoy a night of romance, entertainment, and great company! Arrive early, bring your wine and enjoy in front of our fireplace while you and other guests await to be seated in our candlelit...

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Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and people everywhere are planning during the stressful holiday hustle! Let us take all the planning and stress out of it and join us for Thanksgiving dinner at the Blue Mountain Mist. A...

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Dinner Menu Saturday August 31st

Dinner available by reservation only  at 7:00 pm. Cost $30.00 per person Please call and make your reservations. Toll Free – 800-497-2335 Local – 865-428-2335 Soup Chef’s Choice Salad Fresh Spring Mix Salad  (Dressings – Homemade Honey Mustard or...

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An Ordered List Post

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