Spa Services

Our Smoky Mountain Spa offers many services to ensure a day of relaxation for overnight guests and the general public. Give us a call today at 865-428-0397 to set up an appointment or for more information.


Mountain Mist Signature Massage – 60 min $120 | 90 min $145
Light to medium pressure based on customer preference, including steamed towels, hot stones, and essential oils.

Smoky Mountain Swedish Massage -60 min. $100 | 90 min.$120
Let us massage your troubles away with this relaxing, light to medium-pressure massage.

Aromatherapy Massage – 60 min. $105 | 90 min $135
After consultation, one or more essential oils are selected based on what you need and are mixed in with the massage oil or lotion. The subtle aroma of the essential oils fills the air around you during the massage.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage – 60 min. $120 | 90 min $160
Using deep pressure to access deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, to help relieve tension and stress.

River Rock Hot Stone Massage – 60 min. $115 | 90 min. $145
Hot stones are incorporated with traditional massage strokes to help relieve stress and relax muscles.

Prenatal Massage – 60 min. $105

Couples Massage Combine any two massages.

Skin Treatments

Exfoliating Mineral Salt Scrub – 60 min $70
Exfoliating your skin is one of the best treatments used to regain your skins natural “glow”. Remove dead skin cells that build up due to sun exposure, cold winter weather and basic wear and tear on the body. The licensed massage therapist will have you choose a salt scrub scent of your choice and then they will apply the scrub to the body and then use warm, moist towels to remove the scrub. Finally enjoy a re hydrating massage to leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap – 60 min $70
Indulge yourself with one of our dead sea mud wraps. Mud wraps are spa treatments designed to slim and tone the body, hydrate or firm the skin, or relax and soothe the muscles. Some mud wrap treatments are also thought to relieve tired and aching joints, ease inflammation and help to flush out toxins through sweating. The licensed massage therapist will apply warm mud to your skin then wrap you up in thermal heat and lets you rest for about 15 minutes. Next the massage therapist unwraps you and uses warm, moist towels to remove the mud. Finally the therapist rehydrates the skin with a moisturizing body cream applied with a light massage.

Sea Salt, Dead Sea Mud Wrap Treatment and Rehydrating treatment – 90 min $180
If you are ready for the most skin revitalizing treatment we offer then this is the one. The licensed massage therapist begins this treatment with the salt scrub exfoliation. First the scrub is applied to one body part at a time. Next the therapist removes the scrub with warm, moist towels. After doing this process around the body the therapist proceeds to apply the mud to the skin. Then the client is wrapped in a plastic sheet, thermal blanket and blanket. As you rest for 20 minutes you will enjoy a scalp massage. After unwrapped, the therapist will remove the mud with warm, moist towels. Finally the therapist finishes this treatment with a full body skin rehydrating treatment.

Waxing Services

  • Facial – $30
  • Lip – $8
  • Eyebrow – $10
  • Chin – $8
  • Half Arm – $25
  • Full Arm – $35
  • Bikini – $30 & up
  • Half Leg – $35
  • Full Leg – $60
  • Underarm – $20
  • Back – $50


Full Facial – 60 min $105

Starts with a relaxing facial and neck massage, hot towels are used for relaxation and to open pores. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and a gentle exfoliating scrub is used, followed by a firming mask and moisturizer.

Mini Facial – 30 min $70

Relax with basics, and save time

Microdermabrasion – 30 min $75 | 1hr $105

A non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals or other exfoliating surfaces to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells plus deep exfoliation using diamond tip technology.

Blue Mountain Mist Signature Facial – 1hr 30min $145

A facial for all skin types, even the most sensitive, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow. The signature facial includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation with an enzyme mask, extractions to remove impurities, and a relaxing facial massage with complete hydration.

Age Correcting Facial – 1hr $120

Defend your skin from the aging process with a facial that hydrates brightens and tightens your skin. A blend of enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, smooth, and tighten while a superior blend of active clinical brighteners gently fades discoloration for a radiant youthful glow.  Infused with Vitamin C, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to nourish and plump skin for the perfect anti-aging skincare treatment.

Back Facial – 1 hr $75

This 60-Minute Session includes a thorough cleansing of your back, gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, extractions, and a relaxing massage with a customized mask.

Dermaplane Facial – 1hr $95

This unique approach removes dead skin cells and vellous hair revealing newer, younger skin. Dermaplaning also stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells, while helping your skin to breathe easier.

Add Ons:

Paraffin Treatment (Hands, feet, or face) – 20min  $15

Peppermint Scalp Treatment – 10min $10

Dermaplane Enhancement – 20min $45

Extractions – 20min $30

Acid Peels – 20min $40

Eye Treatment – $10


Traditional Manicure – $30

Local -$25.00

Guest- $25.50

The basics for beautiful, healthy-looking hands. Treatment include soak, nail and cuticle maintenance, callus removal, and ends with moisturizing lotion. Completed with a polish of your choice.

Signature Spa Manicure – $45

Local -$35.00

Guest- $38.25

The complete package for beautiful, healthy-looking hands. These treatments include soak, nail and cuticle maintenance, scrub, callus removal, paraffin dip and moisturizing massage. Completed with a polish of your choice.

Princess Nails (under 12) – $10.00

Local -$8.00

Guest – $8.50

Gentleman’s Nail Trim – $15.00

Local -$12.00

Guest – $12.75


Local –

Guest –

GelColor Change – $25

Local –

Guest –

Gel Dip Powder Nails – $50.00

Local – $40.00

Guest –

Gel Soak-off – $15

Local – $12


Traditional Pedicure – $45

Local – $35.00

Couple – $80.00 / Local Couple – $60

Guest – $38.25

Essential for beautiful, healthy-looking feet. These treatments include soak, nail and cuticle maintenance, callus removal, and moisturizing lotion. Completed with the polish of your choice.

Signature Spa Pedicure – $65

Couples – $120.00

Local – $50.00

Couples local – $90.00

Couples guests – $89.25

Essential for beautiful, healthy-looking feet. These treatments include soak, nail and cuticle maintenance, callus removal, and moisturizing lotion. Completed with the polish of your choice.

Princess Toes (Under 12) -$15.00

Local -$12.00

Guest- $12.75


*** All services have a standard 24hr cancellation policy, Holiday bookings have a 72hr cancellation policy. ***